Manage every aspect of your recurring electricity consumption easily

Easily follow your energy consumption

With structured access to your data, you can identify how the energy consumption of your plant has evolved over time and how that consumption is distributed, so you can reduce your costs or evaluate the impact of your energy efficiency project and/or policy.
No need to dedicate engineers and invest in expensive metering systems to understand or maintain your plants. Easy-to-understand and up-to-date.

A complete overview of all your supply points in a single place

We unify all your supply points in a single, georeferenced, dashboard so you can identify how your individual plants, offices, shops, companies or geographies are consuming and which contribute the most to your cost.
Free your work from compartmentalization, segment and distribute the knowledge through your local management teams or departments.

More than just active energy consumption

We know there’s more to your energy invoice than just how must electricity you use, that’s why we allow your engineering and plant management teams to also keep your reactive energy and peak power on track, to prevent surprises in your balance sheets.